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40 inches and 10.2 kgs - Unlike most mums, when Pinky gave birth to her third child and her weight ballooned, she was not worried. That’s because after delivering twins in 1998, she discovered Esthetika where she shaped up so quick, friends and family were amazed at her transformation.

"With proven, effective results, I was confident that Esthetika will help me regain my slim prenatal figure with its state-of-the-art technology and slimming solutions that are not only safe, but affordable as well!" says Pinky.

In just a few short months, Pinky had lost all her post-natal weight gain. And now years later - her figure is even better than before with regular Esthetika sessions that maintains, tones and firms up her sexy curves.

Wow your friends and family with a brand new figure. Visit Esthetika today and find out more!

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For years, Esthetika has made a deep impact in the lives of women. Not only have we helped them achieve their ideal figure... most importantly, we were by their side when they regained their confidence and started enjoying a new, brighter perspective of life.
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"With proven, effective results,
 I was confident that Esthetika
 will help me regain my slim prenatal figure!”


58.7 kgs
48.5 kgs
Total Weight Lost
10.2 kgs
Total cm Lost
40.0 cm