Flawless Skin

To a woman, flawless skin is priceless. This is because beautiful, healthy looking skin that glows from within boosts one’s confidence and enhances natural beauty.
With that in mind, Esthetika brings you the most innovative and breakthrough technology in facial treatments. We provide a range of specialised facial treatments as well as facial massages that smoothen, soothe and clarify your skin to give you a radiant complexion.
Our skilled and friendly consultants will personalise a facial programme for your skin according to your needs. Common problems such as acne, wrinkles, blemishes and uneven skin tone can be countered with our exceptional services.

Besides enhancing your complexion’s glow, Esthetika utilizes specific anti-aging and lifting treatments to reduce wrinkles, neck folds and sagging chin. As our treatments are carried out by trained professionals, you can lie down, relax and be pampered throughout these painless and non-invasive sessions.
Make a date with Esthetika today and discover the benefits of flawless skin.
After all, every woman is entitled to healthy, great looking skin.
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For years, Esthetika has made a deep impact in the lives of women. Not only have we helped them achieve their ideal figure... most importantly, we were by their side when they regained their confidence and started enjoying a new, brighter perspective of life.

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