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Achieve your desired results at Esthetika.

Esthetika’s Profile Positive System is the only one in Malaysia that provides for your Total Well Being. This unique system is designed to help women gain their ideal figure and appearance , while boosting their health and immune system.

We seek and invest in the most advanced technological equipment for slimming and facial solutions. We strongly believe in the importance of investing on the latest and most effective equipment out there to give you the best possible results.
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What They’re Saying

I has been a client to Esthetika for 16 years. Throughout the years, Esthetika has provided excellence services to me with highly committed beauty consultant and beauty therapist. Thank you so munch.

Juliana Hamzah

I love the facial treatment here as it has improve my skin texture, feels skin brighter, more hydration and less fine lines. and as for the wellness , my skin is now fairer and moist with lighter freckles on face and arms.

Sandrin ChuaFacial and Wellness

I feel good after the treatment, fat softer & help my drainage. After one treatment gone down by 1 kg. After G5 treatment, body loosen up.

Caron KeeCL-Buttock / Tyht + G5

I found that after doing the above treatment pores refined, my skin has more radiant and my skin felt firmed and lifted. After using skin care, my sebum are under control less breakouts.

Rcchel AngEx + Products

I love the warmth, care and service extended by the staff towards me. I value the advice and knowledge imparted to me on how to take care of my problem area. i appreciate that the products and services provided to me is safe and of the best quality and in line with the advancement in technology.

Siti SaffiraFacial Treatment

I found that before doing Esthetika facial, my skin was pretty congested, pimples, blackheads & pores opened. After doing facial at Esthetika i found that my skin condition significantly improved. I am now a regular facial client. The consultants and beauticians are friendly and professional. Very good with their work.

Jay CheahPBF, FM

I found that the above facial is hydrating and very relaxing. The skin felt supple and pores refined after the facial my skin has a healthy glow and radiance.

Connie YawMRO FM

Personalized Service.